Monthly Archives: December 2005

JavaPolis 2005

On Monday and Tuesday I was at JavaPolis in Antwerp. I started my trip Monday morning around 6:30am. Although the traffic on the autobahns was very high I didn’t hit a traffic jam and arrived at the Metropolis conference center around 1pm.

I went straight through to the plug-in bazaar to meet with Roel. He did a great job in organizing and presenting the ClearCase plug-in at the bazaar. We talked to a few users and also with Daniel Bradby. He is one of the Subclipse developers. There was a lot to talk about the Eclipse Team support. 🙂

It was so exciting. I also met Wayne, Ralph, Susan and Dirk finally and we talked a little bit. Ohh and I noticed that’s easy to follow Wayne’s announcements. He has a strong voice. I think he can deliver all of his talks without a microphone. 😉

In the evening Roel and I went into downtown with Daniel. We stopped at a nice bar and tried some Belgian beers. 🙂

On Tuesday I attended the Eclipse in Action track organized by the Eclipse Foundation. The talks were really interesting with lots of good stuff in it. I decided to stay till the last talk was over. It was Wayne’s one about RCP. He is a great speaker. It’s a pleasure to listen him.

Wayne finished around 5pm. I reached my car around 5:30pm and tried to get out of Antwerp. However, I got into a terrible traffic jam and I lost nearly one and a half hour. Because of the missing speed limit in Germany I could compensate some time and arrived back at home late in the evening around 12:00am. :mrgreen:

It was a really worthwhile trip! I’m glad I took the six hours drive to Antwerp.

Dangerous uses of “new GC(Display)”

Anybody out there doing this or who copied HTMLTextPresenter? Have a look at bug 119585.

A “new GC(Display)” is a very expensive operation on some platforms because it has to create an overlay window for the whole screen to allow for fullscreen drawing.

If the GC is not used for fullscreen drawing but only for getting some FontMetrics, it should be replaced by a “new GC(Shell)” or better by a “new GC(Control)”.

See bug #38528 for details.