Monthly Archives: February 2006

Other Repositories in PDE Build

Eclipse 3.2 M5 will introduce a new extension point and new API for supporting other repositories during a headless build. The contributed patch grow out of my modifications to get PDE Build running with ClearCase.

Hopefully, the copy extension will also appear in 3.2 M6. This is a very simple extension but it should enable PDE Build to support any repository out of the box. It fetches features, plug-ins and fragments from any accessible disc location. We’ve been using this extension in our ClearCase & CruiseControl environment since 2002. Continue reading Other Repositories in PDE Build

Improved target support in 3.2 M5

Eclipse 3.2 M5 will come with improved target support. This allows to store target platform definitions into .target files inside your workspace. You can use these definitions on the Target Platform preferences page.

This is a very helpful feature for plug-in developers. It’s now a lot easier to develop for multiple platforms from within one workspace. No need to create different target installs with a combination of different .link files anymore. Simply open a target definition in the included editor and customize the target environment in an easy to use Forms UI based editor.