Monthly Archives: April 2006

Navigator with quick filter

One new feature in 3.2 is the nice quick filter in the preferences dialog. This feature is very handy. Especially if you have a view with many elements and you are tired of collapsing and expanding them all again just to locate an element.

Actually, the implementation is very generic. I was able to created this little plug-in in less than 10 minutes. It adds a new Navigator view to Eclipse but this time with a quick filter. :mrgreen:

Navigator with quick filter Show View - Navigator (with filter)

Give it a try. But be aware that this comes without any warranty and will have a noticable performance impact on large resource trees with many project and files.

Isolated solutions

In this post Mike refers (and answers?) to a blog posting from John O’Shea. John is complaining about the architecture and interoperability of several Eclipse top level projects (named WTP, STP, TPTP, BIRT).

A cursory look at the architectures of many of the top level projects (WTP, STP, TPTP, BIRT etc.) shows the lack of intra-project cooperation is resulting in frameworks that simply don’t integrate with one another in they ways we all want them to.

Honestly, I partly agree with John but more from a usability point of view. Ok, that’s another topic. 😉 But I think we have to remember that all these projects are very young projects compared to the Eclipse top level project itself. You can’t expect to get everything done in release 1.0, 1.5 or even 2.0. AFAIK the first goal was to successfully establish the projects on and to create a vital user, developer and adopter community. With Callisto I’m expecting this goal marked as fixed.

I also agree that one of the next goals should be concentrating on areas where the projects can create more interoperability. But again, I have to remind that work on this topic has already started in the past. Continue reading Isolated solutions

Migrating to a new server

After an uptime of 476 days on my old server I started migration to a new system. The new system is a little bit faster, offers more memory and hard disc mirroring. Unfortunately, it’s also slightly more expensive but it’s worthwhile. So please apologize any 404s, 403s or email bounces that might have happen. I hardly try to avoid any outage.

I started preparing the server two weeks ago and updated the DNS entries for all website domains today. Mail is already handle by the new system and so far it’s working fine.