Monthly Archives: June 2006

Bugzilla Extreme

Martin Aschlimann brought this to the Webmaster’s attentions. Oh my god, can you believe it? The TPTP guys created over 70 Bugzilla components to select from when reporting bugs. What did they smoke? 😉

But seriously, organization is good. But you can’t expect people to do your work of organizing your inbox. If you are in an open source environment you have to be open for the community. This also means, that you should take care of it and make its live easier when you have the chance to.

Maybe they should have a look how other teams handle this. The Platform UI team has only one component but this is mainly used as a general inbox. The developers watch the inbox and tag and reassign bugs accordingly, when they arrive. Of course, this adds a little bit of extra work to a developer’s life. But this makes it a lot easier for the community to report issues. And BTW, the more experienced community members are encouraged to tag and assign the bugs when reporting them.