Monthly Archives: February 2007

Are you still a committer?

Looks like you need to check it daily yourself from now on just to be sure. In January the Eclipse PMC de-committerized a lot of committers because they were apparently inactive. Well, at least for me I can say it’s true.

I became an Eclipse Platform UI committer together with Ed Burnette when we wrote the R21Presentation for Eclipse 3.0. That was pretty much a one time implementation without ongoing development except some bug fixes after the release.

But something went incredibly wrong here. Not a single part of the “de-committerization” process is open or transparent. It all happend silently in the background. If I wouldn’t have been voted as Phoenix Committer I probably would never have discovered it. Actually, I was wondering why I have to fill all the paperwork again? The answer was hard but correct – rule 4a didn’t apply anymore to me.

I would have expect some kind of notice that my commit rights are beeing revoked in XX days because of inactivity or any other sort of notification. In fact, that could even have allowed me to potentially avoid it by doing some simple refactorings or fixes to become active again.

What do you think? Is that the right way? Is it open? Is it transparent?