Monthly Archives: April 2007

Server Side Eclipse

Ok, our two sessions (75 minutes each) are over. We discussed the basics in part one and user interfaces in part two. They were very well attended and we got very positive feedback. Thanks!

There was one question that I promised to answer after the session. We had a little confusion about the legacy Equinox HttpService and the Jetty based HttpService. A question came up why Eclipse ships both in the SDK if we recommend the Jetty service for Server Side Eclipse. Continue reading Server Side Eclipse

The Vista Experiment

Last week I received the Windows Vista Upgrade DVD that was part of my T60 which I got right after Christmas from my employer. 🙂 So I was eager to see Eclipse running on it and decided to do the upgrade and see how it goes.

Well, the upgrade went really fine. I started it on Friday night, went to bed and woke up on Saturday with the update being done and successful. However, a lot of the ThinkPad software, although claiming to support Vista, stopped working. I could solve this mostly by just reinstalling it.

A few hours later I started the Eclipse WPF port. Unfortunately, I was much slower than the regular Eclipse Win32 version. Why? Well, I think it’s really an early access preview with the first goal of get everything working. Optimization can happen later and that’s ok. However, it doesn’t matter because Eclipse 3.3 M6 really exposes all the nice Vista features. 🙂 Great job SWT team!!! I love your toolkit!

Anyway, after working for a couple of days with it I had to restore my XP image yesterday night. 🙁 Sometimes it is really just one small issue or a combination of a few that influences your workflow in a way that you simply don’t want to go.

What makes this even worse is that it’s really closed development. I really wanted to report this, to make the people aware of the problem and to help debugging it. But other than a somewhat useless support form there is no way to inform the developers. The form is IMHO useless because after a few weeks (it were actually three weeks the last time I tried it) you get a replay that software support is only available during the first four weeks after purchase.

This is closed development – be stuck to your problems and wait for a future release that happens eventually. I wish companies would start learning from themselves each other. It really doesn’t have to be that way.