Monthly Archives: October 2007

EclipseCon 2008 Submissions

So EclipseCon 2008 has a new submission system. I just have one question. Why?

Obviously it looks better and the usability seems better. I really appreciate that. But it lacks some really important features available in the old system. So while Bjorn asks about our opinions on more transparency in the speaker communication the new submission system is in my opinion a step back in transparency.

Just some question to underline my view:

  • How can I watch individual submissions?
  • Where is the CC field?
  • Where will the program committee votes be visible?
  • Where can the community vote?
  • What is behind those cryptic mailing list names?
  • Where is the change history for a submission?
  • What’s the secret about the EclipseCon Wiki that several requested access to?
  • Why does the EclipseCon Wiki block community access?
  • Where can I download the source code for the new submission system? What about bug tracking and development planning?
  • Why is it hosted outside the infrastructure?

There seem to be really good reasons for the new system. It probably has been developed by an external consultancy. However, do all these reasons really satisfy a development approach which looks closed source like to me?

I’m a bit disappointed now. This is something I didn’t expect. Maybe I’m just too curious and a lot of these items are already on an to-do list. But again, where is this to-do list?

Persisting Data

Why do people always want to tell you that persisting a “domain model” is a many month spanning work item if you can’t generate the code?

Sorry folks, with all due respect to model driven software engineering, but that’s totally non-sense. It’s all about developer productivity. The first object is always the hardest. But if you follow the right approach and build good APIs and use the right tools than it’s just a matter of minutes for every other domain object.

Don’t get me wrong. I also use EMF and I love it. But some statements are just plain wrong.