Monthly Archives: March 2008

Being in Toronto

After having experienced 20°C in California I stopped in Toronto on my way home to Germany. I’ll be here for a week to meet with a few people and to kick off a new reporting platform project involving some Eclipse technology.

We had about -6°C today and the usual wind made it feel colder. However, it’s always a good feeling to be back in this town. Especially for a short visit like this. The guy at the hotel already started to remember me. 🙂

Toronto - 22.03.2008

Tutorials delivered

So we are done delivering our Server-Side Eclipse tutorial. It went pretty well. We got a few questions so guys were at least listening. 😉

I’m now sitting in one about secure OSGi applications. There will be exercises at the end so it sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

Update: If you are looking for the code and slides of the Server-Side Eclipse tutorial they are all in the CVS of the SSE-Examples project on For your convenience here are some direct links.

Somthing to read

It’s that time of the year. I’ll leave my two girls tomorrow evening and travel to Frankfurt to catch an early plane on Saturday morning. BTW, it’s unbelievable how fast they grow up, she is already getting her first teeth.

Anyway, right in time I got a copy of a brand new book that I want to read. It’s perfect timing since we are planning to build a new distributed reporting platform designed on Server-Side Eclipse and a few other cool technologies. Did I mention that I’m delivering a two-part tutorial about developing Server-Side Eclipse based web applications together with Jochen? Well, now I did! 🙂