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EPL != Popular License

I’m hosting some projects over at Google Code. As part of the project setup you can select a license from a drop-down list. Apparently, the list is limited to eight licenses. The EPL is not it this list.

The Google Help Center says:

We’d like to see projects standardize on the most popular, time-tested ones. The selected licenses offer diversity to meet most developer needs.

The question to add EPL to that list came up a couple of times. In one of the discussions Greg Stein said:

[…] the Eclipse Public License has not really been adopted by the wider open source community. It is mostly being used just by one smallish corner: projects based on or around Eclipse.

That sucks, eh? But it gets worse.

I tried to make a reply using the web interface in that thread to make a comment about the license drop-down. For some reason it did not go to the list but directly to Greg. His response shocked me a little bit.

We only allow those eight licenses. If we find projects that are not licensed as described by the dropdown, then we will remove them.

Ok, back to SourceForge I guess. 😐

Participate in e4 now!

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Eclipse Forum Europe 08

I’ll catch a train to Wiesbaden soon. Unfortunately, I can’t stay for the whole conferences but just tomorrow for our Server-Side Eclipse talks. If you weren’t able to join them at EclipseCon now is your chance agan. 🙂

Anyway, I wonder if there is a general place for Eclipse people (committers, contributors, fans) to meet? Something like the EclipseCon table topic but not just at lunch?