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Clouds Make Our Lifes Easier!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009, 19:08:04 +0200, Gunnar Wagenknecht

Don’t believe me? Checkout this. But seriously, I share some of the  concerns Doug raised. You know what, I really wonder how that works out with the processes we currently have in place. Let’s take for example the Eclipse IP policy. It requires that stuff is maintained on Eclipse.org infrastructure. Do our webmasters need to install and maintain their own cloud?

EclipseCon Countdown

Friday, March 20th, 2009, 17:08:44 +0200, Gunnar Wagenknecht

I’m in Frankfurt already. My plane will leave tomorrow at 10am Frankfurt time. Thus, I should be in the Hyatt in the afternoon. :)

Update, March 21, 5:30pm local time … I’m there.

The myth of OSGi-fying 3rd party libraries

Thursday, March 19th, 2009, 10:18:03 +0200, Gunnar Wagenknecht

There is a nice SpringSource blog about their plans for building OSGi applications. Actually, it’s more an advertisment for their tool called bundlor which basically has the same purpose as bnd but is implemented in a different way.

There is one point in the blog the I don’t like at all. It’s yet again I hear the myth about automatically generating OSGi bundles from 3rd party libraries and how successful it is used in the SpringSource bundle repository. Folks, it might work for one 3rd party library but it will never work  in an automated way for all 3rd party libraries. There are just too many issues around OSGi-fying 3rd party libs which need to be addressed carefully. If the library deals with class loading you might be out of luck no matter how great your generated manifests look like. You need to modify your source code and/or patch the 3rd party library to make it work correctly. Even better, sometimes there are multiple ways to convert a 3rd party library into an OSGi bundle. A stubborn one-to-one conversion process cannot incorporate that. It may depend on your requirements and preferences.

The process is not finished with generating manifests. Be aware that this can cause broken bundles. Those issues are fixable. But this example shows that every library requires careful attention.

Eclipse Bug Search

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009, 08:05:16 +0200, Gunnar Wagenknecht

How would you like to search Bugzilla? I played a bit with some stuff we have in CloudFree and that’s the result. Tell me what you think. BTW, we really should get Bugzilla back into the search engines. There is great content in bugs and the Bugzilla SQL statements will never give a great search experience.

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