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Better Than Open Source

Yes, there are things that are better than Open Source. Way better sometimes. Very often you have to look outside of work. But they exist. For example, Ed’s pictures are one of those things. They always remind me of life and how close we connect it with work. Even though I’ll start a two weeks vacation on Monday, I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to participate in a community I got connected to through work that expanded well into my life. And there is a really good reason for this vacation  I’m so excited about.

Julius Wagenknecht
2010-09-04 03:40 UTC
49cm, 3090g

At 5:40am local time my wife gave birth two our second child. It’s one of those few things that are way better than Open Source. They are both healthy. We spent most of the day together and began enjoying our new life as “party of four”.

Picture below. :)

Somthing to read

It’s that time of the year. I’ll leave my two girls tomorrow evening and travel to Frankfurt to catch an early plane on Saturday morning. BTW, it’s unbelievable how fast they grow up, she is already getting her first teeth.

Anyway, right in time I got a copy of a brand new book that I want to read. It’s perfect timing since we are planning to build a new distributed reporting platform designed on Server-Side Eclipse and a few other cool technologies. Did I mention that I’m delivering a two-part tutorial about developing Server-Side Eclipse based web applications together with Jochen? Well, now I did! :)

Celebrating Miss Baba

This weekend we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Miss Baba in Niederroßla. Niederroßla is a small village near the town where I live and I’m half-rooted in Niederroßla too. Miss Baba is an Indian elephant that died in 1857 right behind the borders of Niederroßla in a tragedy which became part of the history of Niederroßla (since then also known as “Tickle-Village” where the “Tickling-People” live).

The event is celebrated only every 25 years. I had an awesome and unforgettable weekend. The attraction this time clearly were two living elephants. Continue reading Celebrating Miss Baba

A Fantastic Year

Folks, this has been a fantastic year for me. I’m sure everybody has had some things on his personal roadmap. Mine started with quite a big challenge. I decided to leave the company I’ve been with for the last 6 years for some time abroad with a new company.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! Today, I have much more liberties when developing software. Actually, I can base the new architecture of our next generation software platform on Eclipse technology and that’s so awesome. Continue reading A Fantastic Year