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Being in Toronto

After having experienced 20°C in California I stopped in Toronto on my way home to Germany. I’ll be here for a week to meet with a few people and to kick off a new reporting platform project involving some Eclipse technology.

We had about -6°C today and the usual wind made it feel colder. However, it’s always a good feeling to be back in this town. Especially for a short visit like this. The guy at the hotel already started to remember me. 🙂

Toronto - 22.03.2008

Unproductive Firewalls

I’m used to a 6 hours jet lag due to my somewhat regular visits in the Toronto office. However, for Santa Clare it’s a 9 hours time difference. Thus, I woke up on schedule at 4am. Actually, that’s not too bad because I’m an early bird anyway and 4am means 1pm in Germany which is quite late for me. 😉

Anyway, I wanted to due some work and commits but for some reason all my SSH connection attempts to were refused. 🙁

Update (5:40am PST)

Thanks to our great webmaster and the free Sunday morning support I’m now able to be productive again. 🙂