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Jena Demo Camp will be in Hamburg

Well, the room is called Hamburg. The city is still Jena (more about Jena). We’ll start at 5pm and it looks like that there’ll be some awesome demos. It also seems that Runtimes is the hot topic. Together with modeling and tooling demos this looks like an interesting mix. Personally, I can’t wait for the Stammtisch.

Eclipse Demo Camp Jena
June 22nd, 5pm
JenTower, floor 27, room Hamburg

Yes, on the day of Indigo GA!

Interested? Register today and we’ll see us next Wednesday. I think there is still room for one or two interesting demos. Thus, if you are developing some cool Eclipse technology or product that you’d like to showcase just add it to the list on the registration page.

See you there!

Eclipse DemoCamp Jena

Just in case you didn’t know, we had our DemoCamp yesterday in Jena. Needless to say, it was a fantastic event. We had about fifty attendees and seven demos of fifteen minutes each. It was me using yellow and red cards to make sure they stay in time. 🙂

Sascha had the pleasure of giving a few opening words.

Steffen showed us how to use Xtext to simplify writing test cases using a DSL.

Mike demonstrated how a lawyer can build an Eclipse RCP application for generating employers’ references without writing any line of code.

Then Matthias introduced us into the world of Git and the Eclipse Git integration.

Jochen – the guy with the three phones – used the Eclipse SDK to develop an Android conference call management app.

Myself talked about Eclipse on servers.

Christoph demoed what that really means. He wrote an application that uses Equionx/Gyrex and allows to upload and manage bundles at runtime through a web interface.

Enrico talked about GenGMF – a modeling framework for easier generation of GMF editors.

Last but not least, a guy with the only Eclipse t-shirt had some nice closing words.

Thank you everybody for coming and thank you all presenters for your great demos. You can view all pictures of the event here.

Reminder: DemoCamp in Jena TODAY!

What? You don’t know what an Eclipse DemoCamp is?

Don’t worry, we have organized one in Jena for you.

The event will take place in our office building on the 29th floor. It’s the tallest building in the city. You can’t miss it. The doors will open at 4pm.

It’s brought to you by AGETO.

And we have picked some interesting topics for you. There will be presentations/demos of runtime technologies (Equinox, OSGi, RCP) as well as tooling (EGit, Android) and modeling (Xtext, GMF).

If you haven’t already and plan to attend, please sign up on the wiki! At the end of the event, we’ll have some frosty beverages and snacks ready for some great discussions!

Have fun!

It’s time for a Stammtisch!

Yay! Ralph Mueller is in town so it’s time for a Stammtisch! Some weeks ago, I invited Ralph to Jena – the eCommerce captial of Germany.

Monday, July 14th @ 7pm

Cafe Stilbruch, Wagnergasse
(Google Maps)

Ralph will have a talk about the Eclipse Foundation and Open Source in general. I also invited him to get to know the TowerByte e.G. TowerByte is a consortium of 22 companies here at Jena all working together in the Jena Tower doing some crazy cool stuff with programming.

The talk will be in the 29th floor of the Jena Tower at 4pm. After that there will be time for a nice Q&A session. The Stammstisch is scheduled for 7pm at the Cafe Stilbruch.