Reminder: DemoCamp in Jena TODAY!

What? You don’t know what an Eclipse DemoCamp is?

Don’t worry, we have organized one in Jena for you.

The event will take place in our office building on the 29th floor. It’s the tallest building in the city. You can’t miss it. The doors will open at 4pm.

It’s brought to you by AGETO.

And we have picked some interesting topics for you. There will be presentations/demos of runtime technologies (Equinox, OSGi, RCP) as well as tooling (EGit, Android) and modeling (Xtext, GMF).

If you haven’t already and plan to attend, please sign up on the wiki! At the end of the event, we’ll have some frosty beverages and snacks ready for some great discussions!

Have fun!

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