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VPN Speed with Cisco AnyConnect on OS X

I’m using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client version 4.1 for connecting to a Cisco  VPN. At some point, I noticed a significant speed drop. I don’t remember when it happened but I never got any speed higher than 50k bytes per second. That’s really slow compared to what my DSL allows.

The setup is pretty un-exciting: MacBook Pro ethernet via Thunderbolt display > Apple Time Capsule > GB switch > Fritzbox 3370 > DSL > Internet > Cisco Firewall.

After some further investigation today, a friend gave me a tip with regards to tweaking the MTU size. Turns out, Apple’s default of 1500 was actually the culprit. I didn’t expect that. My VPN is now working at full DSL speed.

Here is the link to testing and setting the MTU size: Fix WiFi on OS X by tweaking the MTU. Now, even thought the post talks about WiFi, it worked on my wired ethernet connection too.

Have fun!

Migrating to a new server

After an uptime of 476 days on my old server I started migration to a new system. The new system is a little bit faster, offers more memory and hard disc mirroring. Unfortunately, it’s also slightly more expensive but it’s worthwhile. So please apologize any 404s, 403s or email bounces that might have happen. I hardly try to avoid any outage.

I started preparing the server two weeks ago and updated the DNS entries for all website domains today. Mail is already handle by the new system and so far it’s working fine.

Planet Eclipse

There is a bug request for Unfortunately, the webmaster is pretty busy right now with the infrastructure migration and won’t have a chance to look at this before May. Thus, I decided to create

If you’r an Eclipse hacker or a committer just send me a mail with a link to your blog or to the feed of the Eclipse related cetegory and I’ll add it to Planet Eclipse. BTW, design proposals are also welcome :mrgreen:.