Migrating to a new server

After an uptime of 476 days on my old server I started migration to a new system. The new system is a little bit faster, offers more memory and hard disc mirroring. Unfortunately, it’s also slightly more expensive but it’s worthwhile. So please apologize any 404s, 403s or email bounces that might have happen. I hardly try to avoid any outage.

I started preparing the server two weeks ago and updated the DNS entries for all website domains today. Mail is already handle by the new system and so far it’s working fine.

One thought on “Migrating to a new server

  1. I occasionally got 500 errors “Premature end of script header”. I never really found a solution to them. Something was timing out after 5 seconds in my fcgid environment.

    I googled again today and found this tip. It links to this blog entry. I applied the changes mentioned their. Hopefully they will solve the 500 errors.

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