Tuesday – Day 2

Wow. This day turned out to be a really great kickoff day for the talks. I never thought that a keynote could be soooooo great, informative and enjoyable all together. You might have read about this in Ed’s blog already. I’m talking about Joel Spolsky.

He combined Brad & Angelina, songs, videos, screenshots and a Windows Logon session in his slides and he is so damn right! There are many things all over the world. But only a few do really succeed and obviously they do have disadvantages (i.e. missing features) compared to other products but they made it because they make people happy.

After the keynote I went to Kim’s and Denis’s talk to watch the roundtrip of an Eclipse build from CVS till it appears on the mirrors. It was really interesting. There was one question related to the support for other repositories in PDE Build. I tried to jump into to answer this question but I was too late. Denis already queried the next question. Anyway, here is the link to my posting related to this.

Right now I’m blogging from the registration hall and taking a rest to get my batteries up again. πŸ™‚ I woke up very early today (around 5:30am). Seems like I’m already used to the Toronto time zone. πŸ˜‰ It wasn’t that late yesterday evening after the game show, the awards and a really great Eclipse reception. After the reception we had a few beers at the Hyatt Lobby Bar.

OK, I gotta run now to the Netx Generation Client Platforms panel. In the afternoon (at 4:15pm) I’ll moderate the short talks in the theater and there are two more interesting events I don’t wanna miss today. It’s the Exhibit Hall reception and the JAZZ BOF by John Wiegand and Erich Gamma. JAZZ must be some secret new technology. It’s really hard to get any information. I heard some rumors and – well it’s only guessing – but it may be related to collaborative development.

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  1. Hey Gunnar,

    Its a pitty that I have to miss EclipseCon. Especially when people like Erich and John give talks. Hope you gather enough information to blog a summary of their keynotes and tell us what JAZZ is. Have a great time.


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