Wednesday – Day 3

Hey, it’s me again. 🙂 OK, stupid, who else should be blogging on my blog. 😉

It has been another great day at EclipseCon today. I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the last one. It’s so great talking to all the people I usually only exchanging mails and bug comments with. I feel like being part of a big family. We definitely had and still have a lot fun here.

Right now I’m blogging from room 204 where we’ll have the IRC BOF in a couple of minutes. Denis and Chris are having fun taking pictures of me while I’m blogging. As everyday I started with my daily Skype video home call to my wife. It’s great to have this technology available.

I didn’t join any talks after Greg Stein keynote because I went to the registration room and sit down together with Ralph, Wayne and Ward talking about what we can do for connecting universities in Europe. It’s good to have such discussions because it brings up some interesting insights into the Eclipse Ecosystem in Europe. There are a lot activities ongoing in Europe and in Germany but they are not as visible as in America.

After the discussion I actually went to some tasks and met later with Wayne and Denis for lunch. We ambled through the exhibition hall afterwards to grab some free giveaways and sign up for some drawings. As usual I didn’t win anything. But probably I’ve got subscribed to some new newsletters. 😐

There was the second session of short talks I had to chair this afternoon and again it was in the theatre and again we had some issues with one notebook not liking one of the projectors. But because of Bjorn’s interesting setup we were able to switch between them dynamically. 🙂

At the posters reception Wayne and I decided to have a real dinner this time. So we went to the Hyatt’s Lobby Bar and I had a half pound hamburger which was really good compared to the food at the receptions.

I’m really tired today and I think I won’t stay up as long as last night. Although … the evenings have turned out to be really great here. You’re meeting a lot people and really everbody is listening to you. It’s a great place to exchange ideas and experiences and to talk about issues and their solutions.

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