It’s Facelift Season

Ok, so because everything gets a facelift these days I thought I could add another one to one of the most famous community sites at Eclipse. No, not my blog, Planet Eclipse!

A while back I was looking for some interesting examples for our short tutorial. I came up with the idea of a simple feed viewer served by an OSGi feed service. But I didn’t want to do some example that gathers dust after a few months. So I started creating a real new feed viewer for Planet Eclipse in parallel.

But the new Planet Eclipse Feed Viewer doesn’t require an OSGi service. Well, that would have been a little bit over-engineered. Instead it reads the feed XML from the server and parses it and assembles the page in your local web browser. The webmasters will love it because it scales so easy. 🙂

I’ve created a few screenshots to summarize the new features.

  • The overall page design has been optimized.
    PlanetEclipse Overview
  • The side bar has been restructured to allow a better presentation of events and to give the “Add Your Blog” section a better position.
    PlanetEclipse Side Bar
  • A multi-feed feature has been added to allow special event feeds and to prepare for multi-language content.
    PlanetEclipse Feeds
  • A nice about dialog has been added.
    PlanetEclipse About Dialog
  • Dates can now be collapsed. By default, only the current date is expanded to make the page less cluttered.
    PlanetEclipse Collapsible Dates

I’ve also created a wiki page for collecting more ideas and your feedback. Oh and the old website is still available.

Let me know what you think! 🙂

7 thoughts on “It’s Facelift Season

  1. Great, but one thing bugs me: either I am too color blind or there is no longer any difference between visited and non-visited links in the titles. That was great for telling which articles I’ve already read, especially on the occasions when articles appear between ones that are already there.

  2. Erkki, thanks for the hint. I agree it is better to use a different color for visited links. Can you open a bug report for this so that it doesn’t get lost?

  3. How do you decide what goes in the eclipsecon feed? My EclipseCon 2007 related articles aren’t showing up there.

    Also – nice subtle use of GWT. Is the source available for use as an example?

  4. Could you sort the posts by GMT or by posted time? Those of us on the west coast are getting shuffled later in the list just because our timezone is further “left”.

  5. Bjorn, all post dates should get converted to UTC and are sorted on that. I remember a similar talk at EclipseCon and Mike said that Blogger sets the date when you start writing up your draft. That could be a reason why your last post appears bellow others because it’s dated earlier.

    But if I look at your last post there is only Ian’s which is dated earlier than yours but appears above yours. This could be because of an update that Ian made although it shouldn’t I agree.

    I’m watching the Planet mailing list and there are known problems in this area.

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