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Ok, our two sessions (75 minutes each) are over. We discussed the basics in part one and user interfaces in part two. They were very well attended and we got very positive feedback. Thanks!

There was one question that I promised to answer after the session. We had a little confusion about the legacy Equinox HttpService and the Jetty based HttpService. A question came up why Eclipse ships both in the SDK if we recommend the Jetty service for Server Side Eclipse.

I responded that the SDK doesn’t ship the legacy Equinox HttpService but then Jochen showed a screenshot where we saw it. Uuups. Well, now after the session, the answer turns out to be simple, we both were right.

The Eclipse SDK does not ship with the legacy Equinox HttpService but the Equinox SDK does. Both are complete different downloads. The reason for shipping both HttpService implementations with the Equinox SDK is simply support for mobile/embedded devices. The legacy HttpService runs on those devices whereas the Jetty based HttpService does not.

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  1. The Jetty HttpService doesn’t need much from the VM and will run on most mobile platforms. The mobile / embedded justification is more about download size – 700K vs. 90K.

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