Clouds Make Our Lifes Easier!

Don’t believe me? Checkout this. But seriously, I share some of the  concerns Doug raised. You know what, I really wonder how that works out with the processes we currently have in place. Let’s take for example the Eclipse IP policy. It requires that stuff is maintained on infrastructure. Do our webmasters need to install and maintain their own cloud?

4 thoughts on “Clouds Make Our Lifes Easier!

  1. I think the infrastructure is going down the Cloud path on its own, although I don’t care to call it a Cloud (I’m not trendy like that).

    All our new servers are virtualized, and although our elasticity is not automatic, we have the ability to spawn images quite easily to deal with traffic spikes. Our traffic patterns are much more linear and predictable, so we haven’t the need for dynamic elasticity (yet).

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