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How would you like to search Bugzilla? I played a bit with some stuff we have in CloudFree and that’s the result. Tell me what you think. BTW, we really should get Bugzilla back into the search engines. There is great content in bugs and the Bugzilla SQL statements will never give a great search experience.

13 thoughts on “Eclipse Bug Search

  1. Wow, this is really impressive!
    Could you please detail a bit how CloudFree helped to create this cool search interface, cause it is still a bit fuzzy to me… πŸ™‚

  2. The underlying e-commerce concept is called “Guided Navigation” (or faceted classification). In CloudFree we created the listings story to implement this. A default implementation based on Apache Solr is available in CVS. It’s also possible to write an implementation based on FAST or FACT-Finder technology.

    But we recognized that the concept is equally applicable to a lot more domains than online shops. It’s about presenting information to users in a scalable and easy to navigate/search way. That’s why I created this example using Bugzilla bugs. The frontend is just a GWT based UI. I tried using the history tokens to have some history and link support. But the frontend could also be a PHP website using more search engine friendly URLs.

  3. Thanks for the remainder. Someone restarted the machine but not the process. I started it again. We had a discussion at EclipseCon and the webmasters would like to run it on Until then I’ll try to keep it running there.

  4. Gunnar could you please add the product and the version to the list? I want to see bugs that are reported on the latest milestone, e.g. 3.5 M7 so that i can quickly decide if the bug was already reported. Now I have to wade through all the bugs to see if it is was already reported for the 3.5M7 milestone.

  5. Hi Gunnar,

    again, the page is not responding πŸ™
    Is there any progress on hosting this on


  6. Hi Gunnar,
    Seems like the app is down again.
    I’d really like to try it out myself, but I cannot find anything downloadable in the CloudFree/Gryrex web pages.

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