Some patches for PDE to share

Part of my day I’m working on some cool OSGi server stuff. While doing this I came across a few issues with PDE. Mostly they are around launching and self-hosting.

As with all my Open Source engagements, I just don’t stop after reporting them. I also take the time to analyze them and provide patches for them. Why? Well, it saves me a lot of time in the end because I don’t need to live with workarounds. 🙂

Here is a list of patches produced so far for Eclipse PDE 3.6:

  • Bug 314619 – [patch] is not started when using Eclipse Application launcher
  • Bug 315039 – [patch] Eclipse launch configuration should inherit properties from target platform
  • Bug 315061 – [patch] Should read start levels from of target platform when launching Eclipse application
  • Bug 320763 – [patch] SelfHostingProfile needs environment properties

Now, thanks to Eclipse it’s also possible to easily share the patches with you. Just point your Eclipse 3.6 installation to my p2 repository ( and install “EclipseGuru’s Patches for PDE“.

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