Eclipse Neon and ssh-agent

Eclipse Neon is out. Time to give a long awaited feature a try again. It’s support for re-using the identify from ssh-agent running on my system within Eclipse. I want this primarily for the Eclipse Git integration.

As it turns out, the core support is part of Eclipse Neon. The SSH interface had been made extensible for additional identity discovery. The remaining missing piece is the actual code that bridges the ssh-agent connection into the Eclipse SSH interface (powered by JSch). The reason for this are – of course – legal issues. It would be great if those can be addressed and this can be shipped out of the box in Eclipse.

I forked the initial work from the JSch folks and made it consumable as an update site.

Please give it a try:

3 thoughts on “Eclipse Neon and ssh-agent

  1. Hi Gunnar,

    Would it be possible for you to add the feature for the pageant agent as well? I see the code is there in the project, looks like the feature just needs adding to the update site, so that both Open SSH and pageant are available in eclipse.

    Very many thanks,


  2. Hi Roy, although the code is there, I was waiting on someone testing it and adding a pull request. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a Windows setup so I can’t test it. If someone can do that and open a pull request I’m ready to merge it.

  3. Hi Gunnar

    I tested the pageant SSH agent feature on Windows 7, Eclipse Oxygen 3, and it works — as long as GIT_SSH is not set / visible to Eclipse.
    Built the code from Let Eclipse export the plugin feature to my eclipse folder directly, and after a restart and configure SSH2 it worked like a charm.

    Please make it available via update site.
    Thank you very much for your work.

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