JavaPolis 2005

On Monday and Tuesday I was at JavaPolis in Antwerp. I started my trip Monday morning around 6:30am. Although the traffic on the autobahns was very high I didn’t hit a traffic jam and arrived at the Metropolis conference center around 1pm.

I went straight through to the plug-in bazaar to meet with Roel. He did a great job in organizing and presenting the ClearCase plug-in at the bazaar. We talked to a few users and also with Daniel Bradby. He is one of the Subclipse developers. There was a lot to talk about the Eclipse Team support. 🙂

It was so exciting. I also met Wayne, Ralph, Susan and Dirk finally and we talked a little bit. Ohh and I noticed that’s easy to follow Wayne’s announcements. He has a strong voice. I think he can deliver all of his talks without a microphone. 😉

In the evening Roel and I went into downtown with Daniel. We stopped at a nice bar and tried some Belgian beers. 🙂

On Tuesday I attended the Eclipse in Action track organized by the Eclipse Foundation. The talks were really interesting with lots of good stuff in it. I decided to stay till the last talk was over. It was Wayne’s one about RCP. He is a great speaker. It’s a pleasure to listen him.

Wayne finished around 5pm. I reached my car around 5:30pm and tried to get out of Antwerp. However, I got into a terrible traffic jam and I lost nearly one and a half hour. Because of the missing speed limit in Germany I could compensate some time and arrived back at home late in the evening around 12:00am. :mrgreen:

It was a really worthwhile trip! I’m glad I took the six hours drive to Antwerp.

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  1. Thanks Gunnar for the tips on Eclipse on the serverside. I’ll take a look at the new milestone this week.

    We found our trip to Antwerp worthwile, too!

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