Eclipse 3.2 M5 Installed

I received a bunch of those Eclipse Installed stickers from Wayne last week and yesterday I upgraded to Eclipse 3.2 M5 on all my desktops. 🙂

Eclipse Installed

Stickers On My Hardware

I like the stickers. They are really cute. Check out more pics here.

How to get Eclipse Installed stickers? Just visit an event were you can meet Eclipse Foundation staff members and ask for them!

6 thoughts on “Eclipse 3.2 M5 Installed

  1. Oh I’m sorry. I already promised to give some to my co-workers and friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough left. But I’m sure Mike and Wayne will bring a lot with them in May, when they are coming to the Eclipse Forum Europe in Wiesbaden.

  2. Hey Gunnar,

    I am in San Jose, CA. Would you help me get those Eclipse Stickers. I am proud user of Eclipse…


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