Landed In Toronto

I just arrived in my apartment in Toronto. The limo driver had some problems finding the road. But finally he was able to figure it out.

The apartment is on the 30th floor. It’s a great view from here. It’s a nice place. Internet is working. Skype Video, too. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Landed In Toronto

  1. Welcome! Back in January you noted your wife was hesitant – is she happier now that she’s enjoying the lovely Toronto weather? Brr…

    – Don

  2. Is it in Downtown? How do you commute to the IBM office which is in Markham? Unless you are not going there at all…

  3. My wife is still in Germany. She will stay there till I go back to Germany in September.

    The apartment is north of downtown. I’m not working for IBM here.

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