When Software is broken…

You get something like this:

Nachträgliche manuelle Umbuchungen sind technisch völlig ausgeschlossen, da ein zentrales Rechenzentrum mit Warenwirtschaftssystemanbindung sämtliche Buchungsvorgänge vollautomatisch steuert.

Or in English:

Manual modifications afterwards are technically absolutely impossible, because we have a central data center with ERP system integration which controls every booking totally automated.

Alternative translation:

We don’t have control over our software. Sorry folks, you lost.

I get this sentence whenever I want to make a change to an already place order. For example, an item is on backorder and it just takes too long but there is a similar one available on stock. Actually I would expect the system to detect this before I place an order but that’s another story.

#onlineshop #eibmarkt #fail 🙁

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